Missy Murray – Positively Pewaukee Board President

Several weeks ago, during one of our many snowstorms this winter, my husband John and I were driving on Cecelia Drive. We saw a car that had slid off the road and ended up in a ditch. My husband pulled over, parked and got out to help. There was another man already walking toward the car. In the next several minutes, two other men stopped to help. Together, the four men were able to push the car out of the ditch. The lady in the car was very grateful and drove on her way.

That willingness to help a stranger in need is one of the many reasons I love living in Pewaukee. My husband and I have made our home and raised our three children here. I have also had the privilege of serving as the Village of Pewaukee Municipal Judge for 14 years. Through this experience, I have met so many amazing people that work each and every day to make Pewaukee a wonderful place to live.

Inspired, and wanting to become a more active in our community, I started volunteering for Positively Pewaukee. Positively Pewaukee has provided me with opportunities to work at events, serve on the Board of Directors and collaborate with Elaine Kroening, the Executive Director.

Through these experiences, not only have I met amazing people and made wonderful friends, but I have also received innumerable benefits. By giving of my time for the betterment of the people living, working and raising their families in Pewaukee, I have become more invested and committed to the future of our community. I invite all of you who have not volunteered in the past to take the next step and become more involved. I guarantee that you won’t regret it.

Missy Murray Board President
Positively Pewaukee