Day 2 – Living a Waste Free Lifestyle

From guest blogger – Karena Wright

Today’s tip is –
Toothpaste Tablets. 

I have a family of 5.  Say each of us brushes our teeth 2 times a day, every day (some more willing to than others) that adds up to a lot of toothpaste used.  We go through a lot of tubes of toothpaste.  Those of you with smaller children please tell me I’m not alone in the great toothpaste all over the counter EVERY time they brush conundrum.  I mean really, how is it possible?

I’ve discovered toothpaste tablets. The tablets are toothpaste in a tablet form, simply put them in your mouth and chew a few times to break them up and brush as normal.  They require no water and are great for traveling or camping. The bonus is no toothpaste mess all over my bathroom counters!!

At first, I asked my husband if he would be interested in trying them.  He said, “absolutely not, that’s where I put my foot down.”  Then I noticed he was using them, and it turned out he likes them better than regular toothpaste. My boys 7, 6, and 3 also enjoy using them daily.  It has almost made brushing a fun new game for them.  Before the quarantine they had their dentist checkups with no cavities, so I call that a win!

They come in a glass or metal reusable or recyclable container.  It helps to eliminate the billion plastic tubes that are destined for the landfill.  I have found some at Walmart randomly avoiding the shipping packaging.

Another resourceful way is to make your own toothpaste with items you already have at home.

Lauren’s Zero Waste Homemade Toothpaste Recipe