25 Businesses – Anchor Fitness

Welcome to our special series 25 Business for our 25th Anniversary.  We will be featuring a different business every other week in 2021.  Our first business is our newest business – Anchor Fitness owned by Amy Hopkins.

Anchor Fitness was established in 2020, and focuses on personal training, small group training, specialized pop up classes and fitness programming. Amy Hopkins the owner, love training women, moms especially, giving them an hour alone to focus on themselves. The goal of her company is to create a positive environment that supports each client’s goal in their personal health journey.

Amy is most proud of her connections with each client. She thrives on people, positive energy, genuine vibes and making my clients feel comfortable.   In just a few short months she already feels like she has created an amazing, boutique and comfortable environment for her clients to feel proud of when they come to put the work in.  Amy stated ” I never saw myself owning a business but I couldn’t be more proud of myself and the hard work I’ve done to get here. I’m thankful for the community accepting me.”

What do her clients say about her ” One of the best trainers I’ve met, makes me feel good about myself and still kicks my butt”  ” If you know Amy, you know her positive energy, dedication to health and outlook on life are incredibly motivating. She continues to constantly inspire me to live my healthiest life”

Amy’s 2021 goals are to bring in a new wellness, fitness or health related business to Anchor Fitness’s space and promote and support other small businesses as well as reach more of the community. In October of 2020 she partnered with Nona Nutrition of Pewaukee on a “Wellness Sunday” event where they hosted a free workout in the back parking lot and gave away healthy smoothies. They will continue this in 2021 with things like boxing, Latin dance, hip hop cardio, yoga and many more collaborations with surrounding businesses. We need to all work together and continue to spread the love, support and active lifestyles.

When looking for a new trainer, please give Amy a call at 414.841.4615 or Visit her website here