Other ways to help

Positively Pewaukee is funded through sponsorship, though our events and with the help of generous people like you! If you wish to contribute financially, your cash or in-kind donations are always appreciated and are used to administer many activities and support the goals and mission of Positively Pewaukee.

Please consider becoming a partner with us to keep our community a thriving, healthy and fun destination. Invest in Positively Pewaukee (a nonprofit) by making a recurring or one-time donation. Positively Pewaukee is a 501 (c) 3 organization.

How Your Contributions Help…


The events presented by Positively Pewaukee continue to be a big draw not only for Pewaukee residents, but from visitors outside the area. We welcomed over 40,000 people to our downtown during the 20 events we held this year.

Website and Pewaukee App

Our website is full of information regarding not only events, but shoppingdining, historic walking tours, lodging, community links, business reference information, photos and information on how to get involved in your community.

Over 30,000 visitors have been on the site in 2016 viewing over 98,000 pages of information. Whether you are looking for something to do or for business ideas our website has what you are looking for.

Community Connection

Our Community Connection Committee partners with the Pewaukee Food Pantry, the Interchurch Lay Council, Interfaith Caregivers and the Pewaukee Schools to help those in most need in our community.

Through this partnership we have provided winter clothing items,  snacks and filled backpacks to children at Pewaukee Lake Elementary and Horizon schools whose families are having financial difficulties. We work with the Pewaukee Food Pantry on food drives; finding them volunteers and helping them get the word out not only for donations, but to those that need help from the pantry. We also host a program called Youth Leadership Entrepreneur.

Downtown Beautification

Positively Pewaukee’s downtown gardening program has taken off! We continue to add more flower pots each year and our volunteers maintain the flower beds in the downtown. All of the planting and care of the pots and beds are being done by our dedicated volunteers who give their time planting, watering and weeding. If you are out and about and see one, please thank them!

All of the above, including our past projects (the banners and benches) add so much to the character of our downtown.


Economic Restructuring Committee

Positively Pewaukee is part of the Wisconsin Main Street Program and one of the guiding principles we live by is our four key committees. The business committee is called Economic Restructuring and the mission of this committee is to produce a positive, measurable economic impact to the businesses by providing targeted events, marketing programs, partnerships, promotions and other support.

This year we gave consultations to over 60 businesses from marketing help to ways to manage their inventory.

Volunteers and Partnerships

We could not do the wonderful things we do without the help of our 210 registered volunteers who in 2016 worked over 4,000 hours helping us make Pewaukee a better place.

We also are happy to have partnered with over 18 other non-profits and agencies in 2016 including the Pewaukee Kiwanis, Pewaukee Area Historical Society and Pewaukee Lake Ski Club.

Wisconsin Main Street Program

Each year Positively Pewaukee staff attend quarterly workshops sponsored by the Wisconsin Main Street Program to continue our education on how to run a successful downtown. We also attend conferences put on by the Department of Tourism and Economic Development with the hopes of bringing some new ideas to our community.

One of the advantages of being part of the Wisconsin Main Street Program is the collaboration between 36 different Wisconsin communities. This year the communities shared ideas and new strategies which will make our downtown’s better places to live and visit.

We are looking forward to what 2017 has to bring and how we can keep Pewaukee growing and moving forward. We thank you for your support of our program. Please contact us if you would like to get involved!